artist statement

Women have a predisposition for self-sacrifice that is difficult to  unlearn. Religious teachings often intertwine this mindset with piety, creating a feminine identity founded on self-sacrifice. An obligation to others before self is taught to women from a young age. So commonplace and accepted that we often don’t even notice it.


Smile to put others at ease, even if you are unhappy.

Cook and clean every evening, even though you work just as many hours as your husband.

Raise a family, even if you don’t want to.

I explore these observations of self-sacrifice in sculptural forms. Steel

skeletal structures take menacing forms yet are covered in feminine garments. Nylon stockings as a skin material present a transparent shroud

on the form. The space within the form is hardly visible, but creates the presence of the form, mirroring the invisibility but prominence of female

self-sacrifice in our culture.


The manner in which the sculptural form interacts with itself and the

viewer creates a narrative that analyzes the milestones of a woman’s

life and expectations set upon her, from her childhood, to marriage,

to motherhood, to death, and legacy (or lack thereof) left behind.


My sculptures balance contrast between sharp points and soft edges, exploring opposites of love and pain, of complacency and rage.

I am dissecting the female self-sacrifice complex.

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